Councillor steals £155k in coins from launderette machines and donates 'dirty

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Councillor steals £155k in coins from launderette machines and donates 'dirty
"I acknowledge some of the money was spent on charity and more laudable ways, but what these people didn't know was that the money they were receiving, apparently from your generosity, was in fact stolen. "When you were giving money, those that …

Local groups upset with national veteran charity
CBS News found the charity only gives 60% of donations to veterans while other charities give more than 90% of funds. A former employee told CBS News said donation money went to lavish dinners, fancy hotels and parties. For those who work at …
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Esther Rantzen says that busy grannies are just as guilty of neglecting kids
Em, my oldest, sometimes torments me by reminiscing how when I had kissed her goodbye in the morning, as a toddler she would rush up to the window in her bedroom so that she would be ready to wave to me the moment my car turned into the drive at the …
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Mobile dentistry targets elderly patients

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Mobile dentistry targets elderly patients
Dental Care in Your Home is the brainchild of Cathy Elliott, an Albuquerque dental hygienist, who noticed a few years ago that some of her longtime patients had stopped visiting the dentist's office, where she still works. She learned that many no …
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Donate Your Car or Other Vehicle to NHPR
When you donate a vehicle to benefit New Hampshire Public Radio, you actually turn your car into the news you depend on and the programming you love. From Morning Edition to All Things Considered on NHPR News, to your favorite locally produced …
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Lastest Donate Cars News

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Lakeland man can't work while he faces heart surgery
Besides cash, contributions often include gifts such as cars, equipment for the handicapped and other items. … To donate online, visit, or send checks payable to Newspaper with a Heart to P.O. Box 408, Lakeland, FL 33802.
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Church gives 'wheels' and changes lives
Glade Church Pastor Michael Eubanks said the outreach was started five years ago when two of his parishioners with mechanic experience expressed a desire to donate their experience and simply bring old, donated cars back to life and change lives.
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Car Appraisals & Claims LLC now offers Charity Vehicle Appraisals
With tax season quickly approaching, America's leading vehicle appraisal company, Car Appraisals & Claims LLC, is now offering appraisals for donated cars that are worth more than $ 5,000. An individual can donate a car or truck to charity and deduct …
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National Kidney Foundation

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National Kidney Foundation
Thank you very much for your interest in joining our “Kidney Cars” Family! The Kidney Cars program is a special way to fight kidney disease by donating your vehicle to help further our programs and services here in Hawaii. Tax Deduction: As of January …

5 unbelievably Utah Christmas traditions
We make more charitable cash donations and give more car donations than anywhere else in the country. In the past 25 years, Utahns have donated to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah's Kidney Kars program over 55,000 times! Kidney Kars of Utah is a …

'It's a go' for kidney transplant that began with note on car window
They've discussed donating the money to a kidney foundation and the neonatal intensive care unit at Maine Medical Center, where their twins were patients when they were born. Royles, whose kidney failure is being caused by an autoimmune disease, was …
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Need a kidney donation? Post message on your car
Messages scrawled on the rear window of cars typically refer to car sales, not finding a kidney donor, but for one Maine woman her out-of-the-ordinary request may have paid off. Ashley Dall-Leighton and her husband, Josh, were sitting in a mall parking …
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Lastest Car Donations News

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After being attacked, left for dead, brain injury victim donates car
On Wednesday, some business owners dropped off donations from fundraisers. Since Saturday, people in the community have stopped her in the streets, asking to take a picture with her…asking for a hug. “They say beautiful things. I get worked up as …
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Gush Etzion Women Find Respite From Terror Through Theater
I was backstage behind a curtain at the Alon Shvut Community Center in Gush Etzion, when my phone pinged. “Mother of 6 Stabbed in Front of Her Children,” I read in the dark on my tiny phone screen. My heart sank. I quickly scanned the brief article. I …
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Local Veteran receives a car after AWP found out that she walked to work
The mechanics ministry at Wesley United Methodist Church partnered with the Augusta Warrior Project to bless an army veteran with a car. The car was donated by members of the church and they say that with each donation they are able to change the lives …

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